Thursday, February 3, 2011

My Accounting 2101 Experience

    As I mentioned in my first blog, I really love Accounting and I am finding out how much I really miss not being engaged in Accounting on a daily basis as my occupation. I took Principles of Accounting  for the first time 30+ years ago and at that time I had not realized my passion. I have forgotten so many things about Accounting and this class is really helping me to understand the things that I either forgot or I never got a clear understanding. Yes, it has been a challenge but a fun one.
    Accounting is my major and it is important to me to get a clear understanding of  Principles of Accounting as this is the foundation for all of my majors courses. It is hard for me to describe how accounting affects me on daily basis since I am always trying to include some accounting in my daily activities because job as a Administrative Assistant it does not afford me much of an opportunity to engage accounting. So I have to be intentional about bring this aspect to my position so that I will not become bored in my position. One of the aspects of my job is to arrange travel for several Principals and Associates in our firm and as a result I have to prepare their expense reports.

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  1. For some odd reason I have had you on my mind for more than a week. I am shocked to see this post today simply because I have thought of you so often the last few days. I am so proud of you that I can barely stand it!! What an amazing, awesome thing you are doing!!! I'm rooting for you!!!