Friday, April 29, 2011

Accounting 2101 How would I teach an Accounting course if I was Accounting Professor

My approach to teaching would be to require that students read the chapter prior to attending class lecture and take a short quiz. The short quiz would provide a means for the students to measure where they are deficient and ask specific questions.  Also, I would utilize the textbook assignments as they would reinforce the study objective for each chapter. In my opinion, having a student to do more homework from the textbook where there are a variety of scenario used to help reinforce the course material of understanding the principles being taught. I believe that having student do more assignments would help students to retain what has been taught during class. During my lecture I would emphasize the importance of understanding each accounting principle needed as the students are moving through each chapter. Occasionally, I would  refer students to Youtube as a study aid because this has been proven to be helpful. However, I would not like the students to depend on this as main resource. I would have my students get involved in lecture by way of going to board and have them work out problems. It is more effective for a student to have hands-on-learning than lecture only. Note taking is always necessary when you are teaching any course that requires an instructor to lecture. Accounting is a hands-on-teaching course by which I mean it necessary to practice, practice. Repetition is key to teaching accounting and this would help the student retain the information and use in a practical way.

Friday, April 8, 2011

Accounting 2101-How has participation in the group projects impacted my learning of Accouting?

Initially, I thought that forming groups to teach Accounting was not a valid way of teaching Accounting. My initial thought was that it was inconvenient but I try to always support Ms. Smith ideas and I have been pleasantly surprised. My team member Derrick Boone, Paris Patterson and Robert Deanes has made it a great experience as well. Derrick with his creative touch has been awesome in writing our short story and poem and he has created our game format. Paris jumps in and make sure that we have our YouTube video every week and Mr. Robert Deanes he is always quick to start on our Broaden Your Perspective segment. The different types of group activities that Ms. Smith has assigned has proved to bring fun and a better understanding of Accounting to me. Thanks Ms.Smith keep on doing you..... 

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Accounting 2101 The Three Week Experience

Over the past three weeks I have questioned whether I really what to be an accountant:) While we have had to prepare a skit of Chapter 6 which proved to show that Accounting is very interesting and it was fun to act out scenarios that Accounting and show its relevance.Chapter 7 assignment which included the Jeopardy game that was very fun and intuitive. I  had my apprehension regarding the blog assignments and the teamwork which included posting to YouTube  in the beginning of the semester but now I can say that it has been interested and has increased my technology knowledge.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

My Accounting 2101 Experience

    As I mentioned in my first blog, I really love Accounting and I am finding out how much I really miss not being engaged in Accounting on a daily basis as my occupation. I took Principles of Accounting  for the first time 30+ years ago and at that time I had not realized my passion. I have forgotten so many things about Accounting and this class is really helping me to understand the things that I either forgot or I never got a clear understanding. Yes, it has been a challenge but a fun one.
    Accounting is my major and it is important to me to get a clear understanding of  Principles of Accounting as this is the foundation for all of my majors courses. It is hard for me to describe how accounting affects me on daily basis since I am always trying to include some accounting in my daily activities because job as a Administrative Assistant it does not afford me much of an opportunity to engage accounting. So I have to be intentional about bring this aspect to my position so that I will not become bored in my position. One of the aspects of my job is to arrange travel for several Principals and Associates in our firm and as a result I have to prepare their expense reports.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Carol Alexander

I am a mother, a wife and now a student. I have a beautiful 21 year old daughter who attends the University of Georgia. I have been married to my wonderful husband for 4+ years. I decided to go back to college at age 50 after spending many years of just saying I wanted to go back to college but not doing anything to work toward this goal. I am seeking a degree in Accounting which is my passion and has been for many years. In my leisure time I spend time watching sports and going to movies with my husband.