Friday, April 8, 2011

Accounting 2101-How has participation in the group projects impacted my learning of Accouting?

Initially, I thought that forming groups to teach Accounting was not a valid way of teaching Accounting. My initial thought was that it was inconvenient but I try to always support Ms. Smith ideas and I have been pleasantly surprised. My team member Derrick Boone, Paris Patterson and Robert Deanes has made it a great experience as well. Derrick with his creative touch has been awesome in writing our short story and poem and he has created our game format. Paris jumps in and make sure that we have our YouTube video every week and Mr. Robert Deanes he is always quick to start on our Broaden Your Perspective segment. The different types of group activities that Ms. Smith has assigned has proved to bring fun and a better understanding of Accounting to me. Thanks Ms.Smith keep on doing you..... 

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