Friday, April 29, 2011

Accounting 2101 How would I teach an Accounting course if I was Accounting Professor

My approach to teaching would be to require that students read the chapter prior to attending class lecture and take a short quiz. The short quiz would provide a means for the students to measure where they are deficient and ask specific questions.  Also, I would utilize the textbook assignments as they would reinforce the study objective for each chapter. In my opinion, having a student to do more homework from the textbook where there are a variety of scenario used to help reinforce the course material of understanding the principles being taught. I believe that having student do more assignments would help students to retain what has been taught during class. During my lecture I would emphasize the importance of understanding each accounting principle needed as the students are moving through each chapter. Occasionally, I would  refer students to Youtube as a study aid because this has been proven to be helpful. However, I would not like the students to depend on this as main resource. I would have my students get involved in lecture by way of going to board and have them work out problems. It is more effective for a student to have hands-on-learning than lecture only. Note taking is always necessary when you are teaching any course that requires an instructor to lecture. Accounting is a hands-on-teaching course by which I mean it necessary to practice, practice. Repetition is key to teaching accounting and this would help the student retain the information and use in a practical way.

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